Our aim is for all members of the college community, through the symbolism of the ‘Marist Compass’, to assist every student to develop their own compass which requires students to honour and respect persons, place, property and themselves. 

Our hope is to encourage a genuine personal interest in the development of the whole person, by nurturing and fostering  head, heart and mind through: 

  • Respect for place, which honours the environment – both built and natural
  • Respect for people, which honours the members of the college community and wider society
  • Respect for property, which honours the items and possessions that are valued by others
  • Respect for self, which honours the gift of life that our God and Christ valued.

Our school is committed to providing a safe, supportive and responsive learning environment for all students. We strongly advocate the need to teach and model the behaviours we value in our students.

All students are expected to behave in a respectful and cooperative manner at all times, both inside and outside of the classroom, including when playing sport, on excursions or at camp. 

Marist Sisters College Woolwich Student Life
College Houses

As a Marist school founded by the Marist Sisters, the college is under the special protection of Mary. In Mary, we find the qualities of truth, diligence and honour, and the college’s motto – Virtus Super Omnia (Goodness Above All) – calls us to work towards those same qualities.

Our colours are those in which Mary is often depicted – blue and white – the upper dexter and lower sinister sections having a blue background and the other two sections a white one.

They are separated by lines forming a cross – the symbol of Christianity.

In the upper dexter section there is a small dove carrying an olive branch and a lily. This scene represents peace and wholehearted commitment to God.

The tower in the upper sinister section signifies strength and courage.

The book in the lower sinister section reminds us of our obligation to use the talents God has given to each of us, for His Glory and for the good of ourselves and others.

At the top is the Marist symbol: the coronet of stars and the intertwined A and M from Ave Maria, the opening words of the ‘Hail Mary.’

Loving God
Bless us as sisters and friends.
Guide us
to build positive relationships
through our Houses, Year groups and teams.

Teach us
to learn and love through your Word
to value inclusion and diversity
to seize opportunities to serve others
to shine in your image
to discover our gifts unknown.

Inspire us
with courage and imagination
to embrace new experiences. 

As Marist women of action
we are capable, committed and compassionate
Empower us, in Mary’s name
to live: “Goodness Above All”.


From a village near Lyon, Jeanne Marie started out;
Now throughout the world the Marist word is spread about.
Here midst Jacaranda flowers and places old and new;
By the flame trees’ crimson boughs the river sparkling blue

Our school faith is Mary’s, her gentleness and love.
Olive branch and lily are carried by the dove.
Tower of strength and light, Southern cross will guide.
We the children of all lands revere her name with pride.

We are children of all nations, from all cultures come;
In our study and devotion our goals are as one.
As our learning we pursue, and strength and wisdom know;
Our true friends are here at Woolwich, by our love we grow.


The college song is sung at all principal’s assemblies and at other special occasions.

The Marist Sisters College Woolwich Ex Students’ Association can be contacted at:

A: PO Box 96, Hunters Hill, NSW 2110
E: mscwexstudents@gmail.com
Facebook: MSCW Ex Students’ Association

Annual Reunion Day – First Sunday in May